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Rules for Buyers

All users must have accurate contact information. When an auction is won bidders and sellers must be able to contact one another. Fleetmover must also be able to contact all users.

The winning bidder must pay for the item won, for auctions or Buy It Now purchases. Don't bid on an item unless you intend to buy at that price.

Shill bidding is forbidden and any user caught bidding on his/her own items will be banned. This includes other company employees or affiliates not seriously interested in buying the item.

Read the item description thoroughly before bidding. The seller may have specific requirements such as payment methods that bidders must abide. Bidding on items for which you do not meet the requirements is not allowed and may be reported to Fleetmover for review and possible banning.

Do not abuse the Feedback system. Leaving honest buyer and seller feedback is an important part of adding transparency and accountability to our community.

If you have a problem with a seller please report it to Fleetmover and allow us to investigate the issue.

Attempts to manipulate these processes are prohibited and can have serious consequences.

Do not interfere with the seller's other transactions.

If you want to report that another Fleetmover member may be violating policy:

  1. First, read the policy page that deals with the violation and make sure they are really breaking the rules.
  2. If you still want to report that member, please contact us.
  3. Make sure to enter the item number of the listing you want to report. You can enter multiple item numbers if you want to report several listings at once.
  4. Click the Send button to send your message to Fleetmover Customer Support.
All reports of policy violations must be truthful and you must submit them with the intent of addressing a known or suspected violation of our policy.

Also, please only report a listing once. Multiple emails about the same listing will just slow down our investigation because we have to look at each one.

When we receive your report, we may or may not act on it. This is because we look at all the circumstances, including the member's past history. If we aren't sure about something or can't prove it with certainty, we may not take any action.

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