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Do I have to register to post an item? Yes, you need to register a Merchant account to post an item.

Do I have to pay to post an item? No. Posting an item is free. This includes both posting an item and replying to an ad. You will not be charged. Please see our announcement bar on the homepage for more details on future features and fees.

How do I post an item?
Posting is easy. Once you have created a Merchant account, simply follow the instructions below

  1. Click "Sell" at the top of all the pages.
  2. Chose the appropriate category
  3. Enter a title, starting price (Reserve and Buy It Now price if necessary), and description. Make sure to include the make, model, and year from our dropdown menus as well as the types of payment you will accept (at least one payment type must be selected). You have the option of uploading your photos and/or videos and adding a map.
  4. Then click the "Post Your Item" button.

How can I include images/videos?

  1. Images - When you are on the "Post Item" page, click the "Browse..." button at the bottom of the page. Select a picture file from your computer's hard disk and click "OK". The picture will then be uploaded and attached to your item. You can add up 50 pictures using the same process. Please make sure to include enough pictures to show the current state of your posted vehicles from as many angles as possible.
  2. Videos - When you are on the "Post Item" page, enter the YouTube URL of your video. The video will then appear automatically.

How long do Items last on the site? Items can be posted for 5, 7, or 10 day auctions and are automatically removed at expiration

I have been a victim of a scam/I suspect a scam what should I do? Report it to us so that we can take a look and take appropriate action. If you have been a victim of a crime we also encourage you to report it to the Police.

What should I do if I see an Item that I think is spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal? If you see an item which you think is illegal, prohibited or otherwise a bad fit for the site, please report it by clicking one of the "Report" links. We appreciate your commitment to maintaining our community!

What are the rules? Please also see our complete rules for sellers and rules for buyers.
Below are Fleetmover's rules for all users

  1. Do not interfere with the site: Users may only edit or add content in areas specifically designated for users.
  2. No profanity, offensive, vulgar, or hateful content is allowed. Listings that violate this rule may have postings de-listed or users may be banned.
  3. Do not make offers on Fleetmover to sell or buy items outside of Fleetmover.
  4. Must be 18 or over to use Fleetmover.
  5. All contact info and identities must be accurate and honest with a valid email address.
  6. All feedback and reporting must be made in good faith. Falsely reporting users is prohibited.
  7. Do not use Fleetmover to spam other users.
We reserve the right to remove any postings that we feel are not relevant, or of value to our community, with or without notice.

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